What Makes Us Different

Made With Organic Ingredients

Flavor and quality are a top priority at Lisa’s Lemonade so we use only organic ingredients.  This includes our sweeteners.  Our search for the very best ingredients spanned years of thorough research and standard evaluations.  


Cold-Pressed and Raw without Heat Pasteurization

Why do we eat and drink? To fuel our bodies.  We are passionate about nutrition and hydration so years were spent perfecting this beverage that would be genuinely good fuel for the body and thrill the tastebuds at the same time.  Keeping the nutrition in the purest form possible was our mission so we keep it raw and cold-pressed, never heated and high pressure processed so that the life in the food remains in our lemonade and fuels the life in the body!

Zero Cane Sugar

This is super important.  Do some online research and check out the dangers of sugar.  Our sweeteners do not impact your body like sugar.  We use organic Stevia and organic erythritol along with just a tiny touch of organic agave to perfect the flavor.  These sweeteners deliver sweetness that will surprise you with the lack of aftertaste with only 15 - 30 calories per bottle.

All-Natural Sweeteners

This was the most challenging part of creating this product for my family and for you.  Since my son could not have sugar, it was game-on for finding a fabulous flavor without an aftertaste and without the side effects of sugar.  This took years of trying countless sweetener companies and countless combinations.  My file with failed recipes is packed, dog-eared and now filled with so many great memories of “No, not that one!” with puckered faces and half-finished glasses of lemonade down the drain.  Eventually, the perfect recipe emerged and after an almost year’s search for just the right organic sweetener manufacturer, I found them as well.  So I’ve done the work, you just sit back and enjoy the flavor.  Deal?


No Additives, Preservatives or Flavorings

Simply No.  Avid label readers and ingredient evaluators are welcome here, you will never find additives, preservatives or flavorings in our products. Period.


Simply Fantastic Flavor

We want you to try Lisa’s Lemonade for yourself and tell us about your experience with its flavor. Our consumer taste-tests consistently yield incredibly happy comments about the unusually fresh, full, and balanced flavor profiles.  Just like when eating fresh fruit, the aroma will be your first experience of delight drinking Lisa's Lemonade.  We challenge you to find another lemonade on the market that smells so good and tastes as fresh.  We are genuinely obsessed with making Lisa’s Lemonade the very best lemonade experience for you.

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