Our Story

Lisa’s Lemonade was born from love and represents the sweet life that can emerge when we simply get creative, apply determination and decide that solutions are more important than problems!  That's why our motto is Live On The Bright Side!

When my son was in kindergarten he was diagnosed with ADHD.  Sugar made a big difference in his behavior and ability to concentrate and so I began a quest to make his life and mine easier by eliminating sugar, dye, preservatives, and flavorings.  This was a massive change for us since I was a foodie who loved to bake, cook and concoct in the kitchen daily.

Sugar was the most challenging to eliminate from our diet.  However, ten years later, I can say it was a wonderful thing that happened because the result is a healthier family and a much more educated perspective about nutrition and ingredients.

Lemonade presented quite a challenge.  We all loved my homemade lemonade but without sugar as an ingredient, I was definitely in a bind.  So many all-natural sweeteners had an unpleasant aftertaste in lemonade.  

Since I could not find anything on the market that was fast to prepare, tasted good and was free of sugar, dyes, and preservatives, admittedly I got a bit obsessed with conquering the problem. Batch after batch, trial after trial with lots of lemonade poured down the drain, this quest was looking bleak.  But eventually, a series of great recipes began to emerge and Lisa's Lemonade was born much to the delight of our friends and family!  

Over the years I kept waiting for a product similar to what I had created to show up on the market.  I waited and waited until one day while questioning what I was going to do as a newly single mom, I  decided to solve this market problem myself. I was going to provide Lisa’s Lemonade for other lemonade lovers who wanted to eliminate cane sugar and still enjoy incredible taste and nutrition! 

So, with the same determination required to create this lemonade for my family, I set out to accomplish my new goal. That goal was for you to be reading this story and soon benefiting from my journey to create a most flavorful and healthy lemonade that I hope will inspire you and make your life healthier and simpler.

Finally, a lemonade that is so good for your body and taste buds!
No cane sugar.  Surprisingly Refreshing Flavor. Low-Calorie. Made with Organic Ingredients.  Nutritious.

Live On The Bright Side!




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