Lisa's Lemonade
Lisa’s Lemonade…. 2017’s most flavorful and healthy lemonade! Each flavor is all-naturally sweetened, no-sugar-added, with less than 20 calories or 3 grams of sugar per 8 oz. serving, richly flavored and packed with healthy benefits. Lisa’s Lemonade provides a solution for the health conscious foodie who wants a sweet flavorful beverage filled with nutrition minus the calories.
Lisa’s Story:
When my son was in kindergarten he was diagnosed with ADHD and our healthier nutrition journey began. I spent hours researching how to support his ability to focus through nutrition and began eliminating sugar, preservatives, dyes, flavorings and processed foods from our diet.

We love lemonade but this meant the mixes I bought and used were no longer going to work in our new health conscious diet. The lemonade mixes we tried which used stevia for sweetness simply did not meet our flavor standards. We are foodies and flavor is super important to us so I began experimenting with my own recipes for flavorful naturally sweetened lemonade and so the story of Lisa’s Lemonade began. I am so excited to be providing this lemonade as an alternative to the low-flavor, low-calorie, natural options available today.

Lisa and her team are hard at work right now preparing to launch Lisa’s Lemonade. Please allow us to share with you when and where it will be available by signing up for our mailing list below and following us at Lisa’s Lemonade on Facebook!

Thank you and we can’t wait to serve you!
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